Weichai foundries produce castings in gray iron, nodular iron, cast steel, aluminum die-cast and copper for the engine and heavy industrial markets.  The foundries feature advanced measurement and process equipment and are capable of producing high quality, high volume complex structures with thin wall thickness, multi level cores and high strength.

Castings may be produced in a variety of materials, including:

HT200 HT300 QT800-2
HT250 QT400-15 QT900-2
HT280 QT700-2 RUT400

Weichai Heavy Machinery Binhai Foundry is located in the Binhai Economic Development Zone, Weifang, Shandong Province.  It produces castings for MAN 32/40 series, 27/28 series, 16/24 series, Weichai 160/170 series, Weichai CW200/250 series medium-speed diesel engines and Weichai Baudouin series diesel engines. It has a wide product line with its largest casting weighing 20 tons. 

The factory is equipped with over 200 sets of production equipment, including 20-Ton and 8-Tons medium-frequency furnaces imported from abroad.  Advanced equipment for component testing, control, and process monitoring is used throughout. Two large alkali phenol formaldehyde resin lines are available. In addition, the foundry uses 20L-100L core-making machines, large equipment for molding sand conditioning, shot blasting, shake-out and heat treatment. The foundry medium and large castings production technologies and capabilities lead the domestic market. 

Engine Blocks
The foundry manufactures inline or V type engine blocks for 200/250 series, 170 series, and Baudouin series medium- and high-speed engines as well as engine blocks for MAN engines. It covers a wide range of casting material, including QT400-15, HT280/RT400, and HT250, etc. Currently, its largest casting weighs 20 tons.
Cylinder Heads
The foundry manufactures GG and GGV cylinder heads for 200/250 series, Baudouin series medium- and high-speed engines as well as GGG cylinder heads for MAN series engines. It covers a wide range of casting material, including QT400-15, and RUT400, etc.
The foundry manufactures crankshafts for 160 and 170 series diesel engines by applying high-grade GGG, including QT700-2, QT800-2, and QT900-2. It adopts self-hardening sand molding line in its production. Horizontal pouring & vertical cooling process is adopted with rejection rate less than 1.8%.
The foundry manufactures front and rear cover for MAN series engines. The front and rear cover castings are thin-walled, complex structures with three layers of cores in inner chambers.
Front & Rear Covers
The foundry manufactures flywheels for 160, 170 and other series diesel engines. It adopts self hardening sand molding line in its production. It can also manufacture GGG flywheels for MAN series engines. Non-riser casting technique improves process yield rate. In addition, its casting material covers a wide variety, including QT400-15, HT200, and HT250, etc. Its largest casting flywheel weighs 2,020 Kg.
Other Casting Parts
The foundry manufactures bearing caps for MAN L32/40 and L27/38 engines, foundries and oil sumps for medium-speed engines. Its casting material mainly includes QT 400-15, HT200, and HT250. Its casting techniques development process is mature and rejection rate of castings is low.
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