Spark Plugs

Torch is the leading spark plug brand in China, producing over 200 models off 21 lines, totalling 200 million spark plugs per year.  Torch Spark Plugs feature Copper core, Nickel-Copper, Platinum, and Iridium center electrode constructions in a variety of configurations to serve the automotive, commercial, and industrial markets.  Weichai America is proud to offer Torch Spark Plugs for natural gas applications.  Contact us with your needs for a quotation.

Iridium and Platinum

  • Most NG applications are using Platinum or Iridium or other exotic alloys to improve durability
  • Precious metals extend the temperature range of the electrode and reduce erosion of the electrodes
  • Precious metal electrode coatings improve fuel economy and acceleration as well as life for gasoline and NG engines

Torch Spark Plug Catalog

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