Power Generation

Weichai Power offers a complete family of engines ranging from 2.5L to 350L globally. From the nearly 1,000,000 engines produced in 2020, 70,000 engines were Natural Gas.

Weichai engines offer decades of experience and reliable generator sets worldwide. Whether it is continuous, standby, or prime power Weichai engines are effective, dependable, and configured to meet your exact requirements.

Weichai America with its US based technical center is focused adapting these Spark Ignited engines to the North American off-road market introducing near term a complete family of engines from 5L to 32L. Using best available USA technologies where appropriate (fuel system, air handling, emissions, quality, etc…) Weichai engines will adapt to all gaseous fuel types. First US EPA certification was submitted July 2015, Weichai products will reach customer requirement for Power Generation (Stand-by or prime power) purposes.

Natural Gas Engines
(6/10/13/32 Liter)

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For more information on ordering Oil-Gas products or to learn more about other power solutions, please call us at 855-WAC-9001 (855-922-9001) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.